Planning Committee

The WDAFS Planning Committee continues to work hard to organize this momentous occasion for you. While preparing for the upcoming event if you find the you have a directed question that would be better suited for the Planning Committee, rather than the Contact Us form please direct your questions to the emails below.

General Meeting Chairs:
Jeff Falke (Co-Chair)
Brian Missildine (Co-Chair)

Program Committee:
Mike Daigneault (AK AFS Co-chair)
Jackie Watson (WD AFS Co-chair)

Arrangements & Accommodations: 
Hamachan Hamazaki

Jon Gerkin (AK AFS Chair)
Cleve Steward (WD AFS Chair)

Banquet, Socials, and Entertainment:
Bert Lewis (Chair)

Budget and Finance:
Lee Ann Gardner (AK AFS Co-chair)
Tracy Wendt (WD AFS Co-chair)

Field Trips:
Dan Rinella

APU students

Publicity & Outreach:
Jimmy Fox (Chair)

Registration & Event Management:
Tyler Dann (Chair)

Trade Show:

Kevin Foley (AK AFS Co-Chair)

Jon Adsem (Vendor Co-Chair)

Travel Grants:
Dan Dauwalter (WD Chair)

Joel Markis (Co-chair extraordinaire)
Mary Beth Loewen (Co-chair)