Contributed Papers & Posters Guidelines and Submissions

Welcome to Big Sky Country! The Montana Chapter is proud to welcome you as we host the 2017 Western Division Meeting.  Located in western Montana, Missoula is a vibrant, active, and scenic setting, and a river really does run through it.  The rich cultural and natural history of the region has inspired the conservation and management of fisheries for decades, guaranteed to infuse the range of work you’ll see presented in Missoula.

This meeting will mark the Montana Chapter’s 50th anniversary, when we will celebrate a half-century of exceptional science, stewardship, and dedication to the aquatic resources our members hold dear.  Please consider being part of this unique experience by contributing a paper or poster presentation. The deadline for contributed paper (including those for symposia) and poster abstracts has been extended to March 31st, 2017.

Proposed Symposia

Below is a list of proposed symposia you may contribute a paper to, or you may choose to be included in the General Session:

  • Climate vulnerability in freshwater and marine ecosystems of western North America: Sensitivity, exposure, and capacity for adaptation
  • Ethical, biological and social issues associated with fish management activities when migration barriers, habitat restoration, species removal, or species stocking that emphasizes one species above another are the centerpiece of the project
  • The human element of aquatic restoration: Working with stakeholders to plan and implement restoration
  • Shifting distributions of fish assemblages in Western rivers: Patterns, drivers, and implications
  • Fifty years of fisheries genetics: Allozymes to genomes
  • Montana Chapter AFS – 50th Anniversary Symposium
  • Advances in applications of fish and hard part microchemistry: Concepts and techniques
  • Reservoir and Lake Fish Dynamics under a climate of change and multi-year drought
  • Overcoming the communication breakdown between scientists and stakeholders
  • Reconnecting non-anadromous fish populations
  • Environmental flow: Using instream flow and water policy to benefit western fisheries
  • Native non-game fishes: Ecological insights and management approaches
  • Transformation of the Upper Clark Fork River Basin: A story of successes, challenges, and the collaboration that is making it happen!
  • Environmental DNA 2.0: What is eDNA doing for fisheries today?
  • Invasive species and fishery management – an examination of current issues
  • Fish passage and barriers
  • Forging stronger links between freshwater food web ecology and fisheries management
  • The Yellowstone River: A lot can change in 692 miles

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Abstracts

  • Open the abstract submission form, which can be found here
  • Indicate whether you are submitting an oral presentation or poster
  • If giving an oral presentation, identify the symposium you would like your presentation to appear in.  Choose “other” if none of the symposia titles are apropos
  • Identify the presenter (presumably yourself), your affiliation, and your contact information.  List your name as you would like it to appear in the meeting program
  • If you are a student, indicate whether you want to be considered for the Best Student Paper or Best Student Poster awards
  • Use a brief but descriptive title for your presentation, avoiding acronyms or scientific names unless the common name is not widely known.  Limit the title to 150 characters or less
  • Capitalize all words in the title except articles, conjunctions, and prepositions
  • Summarize your findings in 1500 characters (~200 words) or less
  • List the names and affiliations of co-authors (limit is 5)
  • Check to make sure you have provided all requested information
  • When you are finished, don’t forget to click on the Submit button

Click here to submit your abstract online.


Extended to March 31, 2017

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