The WDAFS 2018 program will include a number of topical, timely symposia.
Got a paper you think would be a good contribution to one of these symposia? When submitting your abstract, select the appropriate symposium from the list to be considered. If your presentation or poster isn’t a good fit for one of the symposia below, please submit it as a contributed presentation or poster.




Symposia Title

Tim Troll
Evolving Methods for Specifying Anadromous Waters in Alaska
Matthew Varner Making Fish Habitat Great Again: Conservation of habitats and connected stream networks in the midst of resource development and urban growth
Cheyenne Owens Turning the Tide: Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Fisheries Profession
Joel Markis Salmon Enhancement in the last frontier
Joseph Spaeder Understanding the Drivers of Chinook Salmon Decline in Western Alaska & Exploring New Approaches to Sustainable Salmon Management & Stakeholder Engagement
Dr. Curry J. Cunningham Beyond the dartboard: methods and recommendations for salmon forecasts
Katrina Liebich Hooked: creative solutions to engage the public in fish conservation and fisheries management
Paul Kusnierz Water Quality in Fisheries: Keeping an Eye on a Vital Resource
Peter Westley The State of Alaska’s Salmon and People: Results from a large interdisciplinary research initiative
Eric Fetherman Fishing for solutions to economically and ecologically important salmonid diseases
Aaron Martin Keeping the west wild by minimizing the impacts of aquatic invasive species
Ryan Bellmore Reweaving the fabric of nature: changing food webs and challenges for freshwater fisheries management
Dan Isaak Spatial-stream-network (SSN) models: Recent technical advances and a diversifying set of applications
Julie Meka Carter Challenges and Advances in the Conservation of Western Native Trout
Daniel Schindler Marine-derived nutrients in coastal watersheds: what is myth and what is reality?
Julie Scheurer Marine mammal-fishery interactions: conflicts, management, and innovative solutions
Trent M. Sutton Ghosts of Fishes Past, Present, and Future: Confronting Data-Limited Stocks in a Changing Arctic
Pete Rand Pink and Chum Symposia
Nate Cathcart Western Native Fishes
Gordon Kruse & Vanessa von Biela
Marine Fish/Fisheries
Unknown Contributed Papers