Family Information

Information for families attending the Western Division American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

The Western Division AFS planners want attendees to know that we recognize the difficulties inherent in trying to plan around family needs when attending a conference. Hopefully some of the information below will help ease the planning process.


Nursing/pumping mothers

Egan Center staff are happy to provide access to a privacy area for nursing mothers. Please visit the administrative office on the second floor of the Egan Center. A private conference room will be available with comfortable chairs, table, water cooler, and electrical outlets.



General child care information 

Conference planners were not able to find a service that could provide child care on site, but the local organization, Thread Alaska, has provided a list of potential providers to share with families planning to attend the conference. Here are several resources:

Important questions to ask when screening child care providers:


If you have a concern or question about a provider, contact Child Care Licensing for child care programs in Anchorage:

(907) 343-4758

For more child care advice, Thread Alaska is happy to chat with you over the phone:

Toll Free (800) 278-3723


IMPORTANT: Thread Alaska and WDAFS planners only offer these contacts as potential referrals. These are not recommendations, so please carefully research each provider.


Temporary Child Care Providers are available in the following two documents:


TempChildCareReferrals_detailed This file is the same information as the first document, but has maps and additional information which may help in your decision making